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Who Are The CICA ?

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (The CICA) is a government organization which was set up in 1964 to provide compensation for innocent victims of violent crime. The CICA’s primary role from 1964 onwards was to ensure the proper and continuous administration of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

The sole purpose of The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme was to provide compensation for innocent victims of blameless crime who had sustained some form of physical or psychological injury (or both) as a result of violent crime.

In accordance with the Scheme, innocent victims are entitled to compensation between £1,000 and £500,000. The CICA annual budget for compensation totals over £200,000,000 (two hundred million pounds), and they receive around 76,000 applications for compensation per year.

The CICA’s head office is presently located in Glasgow (Scotland), employing around 450 members of staff to handle to vast amount of applications submitted each year. The head office in Glasgow is responsible for administering The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme and vetting all incoming applications throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

The most recent Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme was introduced on 27th November 2012. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme 2012 applies to all applications made on or after 27th November 2012 (irrespective of the date of the criminal incident).

The CICA’s head office in Glasgow has previously considered applications for compensation under The CICA Scheme 2008, 2001 and 1996.

If you, a friend or family member have suffered at the hands of violent crime, you may be entitled to compensation under the CICA Scheme 2012.

In order to begin the process of claiming compensation, you can submit your details using the ‘Start your claim today’ form and a member of our CICA team will be in contact with you.

If you would prefer you could complete our ‘Online Claim Form’. This will take around 5 – 10 minutes to complete.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak with a member of our CICA team via telephone you can contact us on 0151 203 1104.

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